Health & Safety Program

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At Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd we foster a belief that “Safety is an Attitude” we pride ourselves in being proactive in all aspects of Safety and the wellbeing of all employees whether being office or field personal.  Our safety program is internally monitored to meet and exceed industry standards on an ongoing basis.  We not only care about our own employees, but also those working in conjunction with us on all projects.  We believe that no deficiency may go over looked, and the end result of this diligence will help create the “Attitude of Safety” throughout the industry..   

The health and safety of our workers is top priority!


Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd is committed and responsible for having each of our five divisions Cumberland, Campbell River, Powell River and Vancouver, able to ensure our employees at all levels are accountable for their health and safety performance and ensuring a safe workplace.  With this safety culture in place our customers can depend on safe, prompt, and professional service, to support the communities in which we operate.

Certificate of Recognition (COR) which is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety and injury management systems that meet an industry standard. The program rewards employers who take a strategic approach to workplace safety and are committed to reducing the human and financial costs of workplace injuries. COR is offered by Work Safe BC to a variety of provincial industries, including construction.

Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd was the first roofing contractor to participate in a partnership with Work Safe BC and BC Construction Safety Alliance. Not all companies meet these standards, we are proud to be a company that does. 

-- Safety Manager; Mike Danielson

At the end of the day our objective is to make sure our workers return home safe to their respective families each and every day