Metal Roofing

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Here, at Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd, we produce our own RCABC approved standing seam metal roof.  Your new roof will be roll formed on site to ensure a perfect fit.  We use a hidden fastening system which allows for expansion and contraction during the summer and winter months.

Our RCABC approved panel is available in different gauges, and a wide variety of material and colour:

  • Galvalume
  • Pre-painted
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Galvanized

The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Fire Resistance                                                                       A metal roof system has a Class A rating – the highest rating given                                                       Environmentally Friendly                                                               A Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd metal roofing system can be easily recycled, is made from recycled material, is easily adaptable to the installation of solar equipment, and has a wide range of reflective coating available to reflect the summer heat.  Life Span                                                                                      The average life span of a metal roof is between 20 - 50 years High Wind Ratings                                                             Available in a wide variety of materials and colours

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Flat Roofing

Choosing the right system to fit your needs


Roofing technology is constantly changing, with the development of new coverings, insulation materials and innovative application techniques. Commercial and Residential clients demand a roofing contractor that has the expertise and knowledge to ensure quality installation that lasts. Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd uses commercial roofing systems from major manufactures with proven track records of the highest standard.

We can provide all types of flat roofing membranes to meet your needs:

  • SBS
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • Built up roofing
  • Self-adhered systems
  • Cold applied systems

SBS Roof System

2 Ply SBS roof system is an ideal high quality, low maintenance solution for the flat or low slope roof (4/12 pitch and less). A 2 Ply system consists of 2 layers – a base sheet which is either mechanically fastened with screws and plates, or is secured with an adhesive. The top layer – known as the cap sheet is then fused to the base sheet by the use of a torch.

EPDM System

EPDM Single Ply roof system is predominately used in the commercial sector as a cost effective solution for a flat roof. EPDM is a rubber based sheet material – it is flexible and economical.

TPO Roof System

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) single ply roofing membranes are predominately used on commercial buildings.  TPO membrane is tough, flexible and economical, it also provides excellent resistance to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure.


Shingle Roofing

Nelson Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd uses laminate asphalt shingles produced by premium manufactures.

The laminate asphalt shingle can be installed at a fraction of the price of a metal roof system, comes in a wide variety of colours and styles and can withstand the elements for decades.


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